Using Intent Data in Your Marketing Automation Platform

There is no end to the amount of data you can pour into your marketing and sales platforms, but the key to successfully qualifying leads is actionable data. A recent Econsultancy study found that just 3% marketers feel that they have the ability to act on insights derived from customer data.

In this e-book, we highlight one type of data: intent data gleaned from social media conversations. We’ll show you why intent data from the social web is particularly useful in helping you identify the right buyers and informing messaging at the right time. 

Download this e-book to learn about:

  • What is intent data and why it matters for B2B demand generation
  • How to add intent data from social media conversations into your marketing automation platform
  • How to utilize this data to trigger the right campaigns at the right time 
  • How to incorporate this data into your lead scoring model to pass more MQLs to your sales team  
  • And more