Implementing an Intent-Based Email Marketing Strategy


On-Demand Webinar

When you send out nurture emails or drip campaigns to prospects, you’re assuming that every buyer follows the same timeline, research process, and content journey. In reality, each buyer is unique.

In the past six months at Socedo, we’ve shifted our email marketing strategy from one that relies on cadenced nurture emails to taking a real-time approach that caters to buyers who are showing intent right now. When we send them the right messages at the right time, we’ve seen a significant increase in email performance rates, conversion rates, and opportunity creation rates.

In this webinar, we’ll dive into the real-time email marketing strategy we’re using, including:
  • Why real-time intent based emails work better than nurture emails
  • Our setup in Marketo, the specific intent signals we are using to trigger campaigns, and some of our emails
  • Tips on how you can use intent data gleaned from the social web to segment your database, better understand your buyer personas and inform your messaging