Socedo Marketing Team's Journey to Predictable MQL & Revenue Growth


On-Demand Webinar

Coming up with a marketing plan that generates predictable pipeline and revenue growth can be tough.

For the past six months at Socedo, the Marketing team has held itself accountable to delivering a certain number of MQLs and Opportunities each month.

In this webinar, the Socedo Marketing team will give you the insider view on how they work with their sales and SDR teams to generate predictable pipeline and revenue.

The marketing team will discuss:
  • How they translate their monthly revenue goals into concrete, achievable marketing plans
  • Finding the metrics that give everyone a common view of the funnel
  • Identifying key channels that deliver consistent pipeline growth for their business
  • How they optimized the channels that fuel growth, including Socedo, Organic Social & Email Marketing
  • Key lessons learned through missteps